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Mandelbrot Set Python

First let me get out the way the glaring problem of Python being a terrible language to make a Mandelbrot Set generator in. Mandelbrot Generators need speed to make the best possible images with the highest resolutions. Python, compared to a language such as C – which would be a much better language to program …



Summary of the game Pig is a simple game of luck and gamble, where two players take turns to roll a dice. On a player’s go, they add the number on the dice to their score for that go. If they land on 1, their score for that go is set to 0 and it …

Room Hub

Room Hub

A great project I made in COVID lockdown. This project was made in Python’s Pygame. I used a temp/humidity meter connected to an Arduino to measure the temperature, connected to the computer through serial connection (USB). I found a Python module which could connect to the serial ports on the computer to get this information. …