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  • Wacky Factorials

    Wacky Factorials

    We all know the definition of the factorial ! as but there are even more definitions of factorials that mathematicians have invented. Double Factorial The double factorial looks like this . It can be used to easily denote the product of the odd or even numbers less than or equal to n     Subfactorial…

  • Fractal Flow

    Fractal Flow

    Fractal Flow is my largest programming project so far; here’s a little about it: Early days I started Fractal Flow on January 12th 2022, after a few months of learning and tinkering with the Windows Presentation Foundation in my Computer Science class. The application was to be my coursework, which makes up 20% of the…

  • Differential Equations

    Differential Equations

    How to tackle the differential equations found in A-level Further Maths

  • Reflected Gradient Formula

    Reflected Gradient Formula

    The inverse of a function can be found by swapping x and ys in an equation (and then rearrange back to terms of x). This has the effect of reflecting the original function in the line y = x, as you are essentially just swapping the x and y axis. Some mates and I sat…

  • Big Page on Vectors

    Big Page on Vectors

    A vector is a quantity with both direction and magnitude Vectors can also be denoted (xi + yj + zk) and the vector variable can be called The way you use a vector depends on if you are treating that vector as a position vector or a direction vector. A vector is a position vector…