IoT Cat Feeder

Planning stages
Buying some bits from BnQ
Chopping time
The basic parts of the box
Did some experiments to see how wide the hole had to be in order to stop the cat food forming a plug and not falling through
Begun gluing
Cutting the angled pieces to direct the food (I didn’t use these in the end)
Assembling the tube with screw and motor using zip ties
Testing the Archimedes screw mechanism for the first time!
Installed a simplified back slope made of a rectangle instead of a triangle using grab adhesive
Installed some legs using extra wood and modified the tube with an open top and two wooden pieces either side to stop bits of food getting jammed.
Installed side slants to direct the food into the hole. Unfortunately the long slant is not at a great enough angle for the food to slide down it. I’ll try to fix this later on.
Setting up the Arduino Nano with L298N Motor Driver inside the empty space in the back
The cats trying it out for the first time!! They were pretty baffled.
Upgrading the electronics to allow the feeder to be phone activatable and to go off automatically every user defined amount of time.
Pretty much done now
A quick demo of how to use the app to control the feeder.

TODO: Decorate the box!

TODO: Coat inside with something glossy to decrease friction between food and wood.

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